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Islamic Auto Finance

At UAB Islamic Banking, we provide you with banking solutions that match your beliefs. If you would like to own your favorite car, whether new or used, but don’t want to pay it off at once, we can help you finance it with the Islamic autofinance. Under UAB’s Vehicle Murabaha scheme, the Bank will, at your request, purchase your dream car from the authorized dealer and sell the same to you at an agreed profit. The advantage is that you know our profit mark-up and your installment at the time of signing the deal, and it never changes throughout the financing term. This arrangement allows you to take immediate possession and ownership of your vehicle and spread your capital expenditure over a period of time.

Key Features:

  • Affordable payment
  • Relaxed eligibility
  • Long payment period
  • Quick approval and turnaround time
  • 500,000 maximum amount
  • No salary transfer required
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Simply decide on the car you want to drive and visit our conveniently located UAB Islamic Banking suites stated in our different branches

Where can I get it?

All you need to do is visit any of our conveniently located branches or call our customer service helpline 800474.


You can reach us using any of the following numbers

UAB Toll Free

800 474

International callers

+971 6 5987332

Sadara Toll Free

800 72 32 72

Sadara international

+971 6 5987333

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