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Mudaraba Deposits

Islamic Banking solicit investors funds through offering Unrestricted Investment Time Deposit based on the Mudarabah Structure (Profit/Loss Sharing) approved by the Shari’ah Supervisory Board (SSB). Our Investment Time Deposit gives you a wide range of investment period options (1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months) to choose from. Just remember, the longer the time period and the more you invest the more rewarding your returns can be. Our automatic renewal option relieves you from the need to remember dates and contact the Bank. You can just sit back and enjoy rewarding returns. Enjoy an Investment Account by maintaining a minimum balance of AED 25,000 in your account.

A Mudarabah deposit is an Islamic contract by which the customer (Rub-ul-mal) provides the capital and authorizes the Bank (Mudarib) to invest the funds in Shari’ah compliant activities for returns and profits as per the agreed terms and conditions.


In Mudarabah, it is not allowed to guarantee the capital or the profit, or pre-determine the profit on the basis of a lump sum or on the proportion of the capital. But both parties may agree on distributing the expected achieve profit either as lump sum amount or ratio.


In case of the loss arises from the Mudarabah, rub-ul-mal (the client) will bear such entire loss unless it is proved that the loss was the result of Mudarib (the bank) negligence or Mudarib violation of the Mudarabah terms and conditions, then the loss will be beard by the Mudarib


Key Benefits

  • Competitive indicative profit.
  • Professional investment advice.
  • Different investment alternatives to suit your needs.
  • Regular profit payments. 

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