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Investments Special Deposits

Fixed Deposits

UAB offers best funds investment opportunity, offering time deposits with highly competitive rates and flexible periods tailored to suit your needs and preferences. Time Deposits are available in AED and all major currencies.

Flexi Fixed

Flexi Fixed is a term deposit that pays a fixed interest until cancelation or maturity. The percentage of interest paid varies with the time at which the depositor chooses to cancel the deposit. The longer the deposit stays with the bank, the higher the interest paid. To download application, please click here.


Escalator is a deposit with step-up interests paid semi-annually for up to 3 years. Each period, the interest rate increases. This deposit scheme carries many additional features for the depositors, which are not available in conventional term deposits. To download application, please click here.

Enhanced Escalator


A special deposit scheme designed to provide the investor with attractive yields on semi-annual basis. Interest increases every semester providing the investor with a step-up return on the deposit. This is available in AED & USD. To download application, please click



Floater is a deposit that pays a floating, plus a fixed spread. The floating part of the interest is based on EIBOR 3 months. The full interest is reset at the beginning of the quarter and paid at the end of the same quarter. To download application, please click here.

Call Deposits

UAB Call Deposit Account provides competitive interest rates which is accumulated on a daily basis and paid by every month end. Flexibility to withdraw your funds with a minimum prior notice of 24-hours. Available to you in AED and all major currencies.

Raha call account

  • An innovative product based on the EIBOR floating rate.
  • Flexible cash movements.
  • No cap on maximum amount.
  • Simplified interest fixing and calculation for our customers’ peace of mind.

To download the details and application for Individuals, please click here.

To download the details and application for Corporates, please click here.

Dual Currency Opportunity (DCO)

Is an enhanced yield deposit where clients can earn significant high interest rate on their funding by taking on clearly defined FX (currency) risk.

Bespoke Structured Deposit

A  tailor-made structured deposit can be designed to meet customers’ requirements and expectation.

Fixed Income – Bonds & Sukuk

Is a type of investment in which real return rates or periodic income is received at regular intervals and at reasonable predictable levels. Fixed income investments can be used to diversify one’s portfolio. UAB customers can invest in wide range of GCC Bonds and Sukuk.


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