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UAB Aani Instant Payments

Discover the fastest and easiest way to transfer money in the UAE with the latest initiative of the Al Etihad Payments, a subsidiary of Central Bank of the UAE: Aani Instant Payments. An instant service available 24/7 for your domestic transfers in the UAE. Send money, receive funds, or split a bill in just a few clicks.

Key Features

Send Money: Effortlessly transfer money to individuals or make payments to businesses with just a few simple steps.

Request Money: Request money easily from your contact list using mobile numbers or email addresses.

Split Bills: Equally split your bills among family and friends with Aani.

Pay with QR Code: Transfer money from your contact list in seconds by scanning QR codes.

Things you should know

To register, please follow the instructions below

Aani Instant Payments - Terms & Conditions, click here.

Key Facts Statements - Aani Instant Payments, click here.

Aani Instant Payments FAQs, click here.



  • Easily accessible through various channels including mobile and online platforms.
  • Provides instantaneous and effortless payments, without any delays.
  • A single platform for accessing different bank accounts with new payment services and features.
  • Eliminates the need for cash, enabling digital transactions.


  • Regulated and endorsed by the Central Bank of UAE, ensuring that it complies with the highest standards of security, reliability and transparency.


Instant and efficient payment system reducing transaction time and making funds available instantly.

How to register?

Register to Aani Instant Payments solution today via the UAB Mobile Banking App.

Step 1: Log in to the UAB Mobile Banking App.

Step 2: Once logged in successfully, on your home screen, if you are not enrolled in Aani, a banner (Register for Aani Instant Payments) will appear. You can simply click on the banner to start enrolling in the Aani Instant Payments service.

Step 3: Then, select the account that you would like to define as your default account to use this service, review the Terms & Conditions and the Key Fact Statement documents, agree to them, and click register.

Step 4: To confirm and verify your request, you will receive a One-Time Password. Enter it, and the registration will be successfully completed.

Step 5: Once, you are enrolled, download the official Aani App, select UAB as an account provider, authenticate your profile and follow the instructions in order to start using instant payments service.


You can reach us using any of the following numbers

UAB Toll Free

800 474

International callers

+971 6 5987332

Sadara Toll Free

800 72 32 72

Sadara international

+971 6 5987333

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