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Enhanced Escalator Characteristics

Date: 02 May 2024


Currency  AED
Minimum Personal Account  25,000
Minimum Commercial Account  100,000
Minimum Tenor  One year with freedom to choose a maturity between one, two or three years
Interest Rates, Coupon Step-up, semi-annual coupon payments
Early Redemption  Possible, with no penalty if cancelled on any interest payment date after one year. If cancelled within the first year, a 1% penalty on interest rate is applied. No interest if cancelled within 1 month of placement
Fixed Interest Rate  Pays a coupon every six months
Overdraft Facility Against Deposit  Available against the deposit under lien
Maturity Price / Redemption Price  100% of the initial deposit
Validity  Offer is valid from 1st May 2024 to 31st May 2024


Indicative Fixed Rate Series


Interest Period Interest Rates (per annum)
1st semester 4.25%
2nd semester 4.25%
3rd semester 3.75%
4th semester 3.75%
5th semester 3.50%
6th semester 3.50%


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