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What is Chip and PIN?
Chip and PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a smart card payment system that provides an extra level of security on your United Arab Bank Credit Card. You will be glad to know that the United Arab Bank credit card is Chip and PIN enabled. This means you will be required to enter your card PIN in order to complete the transactions – giving an increased security when paying for retail transactions. The credit card PIN will be couriered to you just like your credit card.
Why is having Chip and PIN enabled card important?
With Chip and PIN enabled credit cards, you will be required to use your PIN when making a retail purchase. The PIN provided will be a unique 4-digit numeric code that is only known to you. This added security feature will ensure reduced chances of fraud on credit card(s). The PIN should be kept safe at all times and should not be shared with anyone including any UAB bank representatives.
How can I change the PIN?
The credit card PIN can be changed anytime at any of our 65+ ATMS located across UAE
When and where does I use the PIN?
The PIN can be used while shopping. Most merchants have a Chip and PIN-ready terminal that they will use to process the transaction. This will be the typical scenario when paying for purchases: 1. Before making the payment, the credit card will be inserted into the card reader or POS(Point of sale) machine. 2. The amount will be entered by the merchant. 3. You will be asked to enter the 4-digit PIN on the card reader. Before doing so, UAB recommends that you check that the correct payment amount entered, and ensure no one is looking at the Pin when the PIN is entered. 4. Once the PIN is accepted, a transaction slip will be printed
When would you sign on the transaction receipt?
Sometimes, the merchant may ask you to sign on the transaction receipt even though you have used the Chip and PIN enabled credit card. This should not be of any concern; this is only because the device used by the merchant is not fully ready for Chip and PIN transactions
What if someone asks for the PIN?
The PIN should be kept safe at all times and should never be shared with anyone. Never reveal the PIN to anyone and it is highly encouraged that it is not written down anywhere. If the customer thinks someone knows the PIN, please contact United Arab Bank immediately on 800 474. United Arab Bank representatives will never ask the customer to reveal the given PIN in any given scenario. We highly recommend that the customer ensures that PIN is hidden when it is entered in the POS machine.
What to do if the Chip and PIN card is lost or stolen?
You should immediately notify United Arab Bank by calling 800 474 when the credit card is lost or stolen. Please make sure the updated mobile number is provided to United Arab Bank for the SMS notifications, so you can always be informed of the activities on your United Arab Bank credit card.
What to do if I have forgotten the PIN or lost the PIN?
In case you have forgotten the PIN or lost the PIN, please contact United Arab Bank on 800 474 immediately and we will replace the PIN and then it can changed on any of our 65+ ATMS.

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