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Can I cancel the deposit at any time?

Yes, any deposit amount booked under the Enhanced Escalator Deposit can be redeemed (provided the outstanding amount remains higher than the minimum amount required). Redemption of the deposits before maturity is subject to a notice of at least two (2) UAE business days in writing. No interest will be paid if the deposit is cancelled within 1 month of placement. No penalty if deposit is cancelled on any interest payment date after 12 months, otherwise applicable penalty will be 1% on the interest rate applied. The minimum rate cannot be lower than 0% after the penalty is applied.

Can I cancel and invest subsequently in this product again?
Yes, you can cancel at any time subject to specified conditions, but reinvesting in the product would be subject to the prevailing market rates at that time.
If I need money for short term requirement but would like to continue this product, what is the solution?
UAB may provide customers with an overdraft (up to 90% of the deposit amount) against this product at a very attractive price to meet any short term cash flow requirement. The rate of the lending facility fluctuates semiannually (Please contact your relationship manager for more details. Subject to internal approvals).

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