We are pleased to announce the phased roll out of our new ATM interface which will deliver an innovative and personalized experience to our customers. Some of the key features of our new ATM offerings are:

  • Improved & modern screen designs
  • Auto-language recognition for UAB customers (based on last 3 transactions)
  • Choice of 8 languages at select ATMs:Arabic, English, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam, Bangla, Tamil & Punjabi
  • Quick rendering of available balance/ credit limit on main menu
  • Real time balances & payment updates towards UAB credit cards
  • Option to insert debit/ credit card for quick beneficiary recognition while making cash/ cheque deposits
  • Instant bill payment services now available for UAB credit card holders
  • Instant bill payment services now available for UAB Salary Card holders (Receiving salary through WPS)
  • Option to receive ATM transaction receipt on registered e-mail address
  • Launch of Du bill payment services (Mobile, internet, landline & TV)
  • On screen display of denomination breakup during cash deposits
  • On-screen animations for guidance on specific transactions (Such as PIN entry, cheque/ cash deposit, card removal, etc)
  • In case ATM is unavailable for transactions, nearest UAB ATM will be recommended on screen
  • Apply for UAB products & services

The above enhancements will reduce the number of steps taken for standard ATM transactions and improve your overall experience of using UAB ATMs.

For any feedback or comments, feel free to write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 800474/ +9716 5987332 (Calling outside UAE)

Please read on about services available on our ATMs.

ATM Services

You can access our 24 X 7 ATM network across the UAE for a host of banking services such as balance inquiries, cash withdrawals, deposits, payments and fund transfers using your debit or credit card.

Services List

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Credit Card Payment
  • PIN Change
  • Utility Bill Payment - Etisalat, Du, DEWA, SEWA, ADDC, AADC & Salik Recharge
  • Transfer Between Own Accounts
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Activate Card & Set PIN (For Debit & Credit Cards)

Additional services available on Cash & Cheque Deposit Machines:

  • Cash Deposit (Into Bank account & Credit Card)
  • Cheque Deposit (Into Bank Account)

Important Notes:

  • Choice of Arabic & English on all ATMs; Choice of 6 languages at select ATMs: Arabic, English, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam & Bangla
  • Affiliated to VISA/ Mastercard/ UAE Switch/ UnionPay/ Plus network
  • Instant credit to bank account for any cash deposits made at any time of the day
  • Maximum of 40 notes can be deposited in a single instance
  • Accepted denominations for cash deposits are - AED 10, AED 50, AED 100, AED 200, AED 500 & AED 1,000

Security Tips:

  • Memorize your PIN. Do not write it down anywhere and certainly never on the card itself
  • Do not share your PIN or card with anyone including Bank employees, not even your friends or family; Change your PIN regularly.
  • Stand close to the ATM machine and use your body and hand to shield the keypad as you enter the PIN. Beware of strangers around the ATM who try to engage you in any conversation.
  • Do not take help from strangers for using the ATM card or handling your cash.
  • Do not conduct any transaction if you find any unusual device connected to your ATM machine.
  • Press the 'Cancel' key and wait for the welcome screen before moving away from the ATM. Remember to take your card and transaction slip with you.
  • If you get a transaction slip, shred it immediately after use if not needed
  • If your ATM card is lost or stolen, report it to your bank immediately
  • When you deposit a cheque or cash into your ATM, check the credit entry in your account within maximum 5 working days. If there is any discrepancy, report it to your bank
  • When you withdraw cash from an ATM, it is always good to count your cash before leaving the machine
  • Register your mobile number with the Bank to get alerts for your transactions
  • If your card gets stuck in the ATM or cash is not dispensed after a transaction, call your bank immediately
  • If you receive SMS alert for a transaction that you have not initiated from your card, please immediately inform our contact center on 800474 to block your card and immediately approach your nearest UAB branch to submit a dispute form
  • If you observe any tampering on the card-reader slot on the ATM machine, please immediately inform our contact center on 800474