Facilities - Loans & Credit

A range of enhanced personal, vehicle and mortgage loans.

New Arrivals Package
This package is exclusively designed for our customers who are new to the UAE. It offers a comprehensive banking package including immediate lending for expenses such as rental costs, school fees, furnishings or car finance. Click to know more

Personal Loans
Planning for a vacation, wedding or your child’s education? Our Personal Loans are fast, flexible and affordable and can give you the extra funds you need.

Mortgage Loan
Whether you are looking to buy your first home or another property, we offer a range of Mortgage Loans to suit you. We can also help you make the most of your existing property portfolio by unlocking some of its value.

Vehicle Loans
We offer excellent vehicle loan rates, fast approvals and flexible repayments so you get the finance you need for the car you want.

UAB gives you easy access to additional funds, making your life simpler, either with a temporary or revolving overdraft facility. You get instant access to funds for those unexpected expenses.