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UAB Rewards gives you the same benefits as other banks with 65% less spend

Bank Loyalty Program Monthly Credit Card Spend (AED)
UAB Rewards Program 5,000
2nd Best Bank Loyalty Program 16,000
3rd Best Bank Loyalty Program 27,000
 Calculation based on monthly spend for a period of 12 months or through achieving higher spends, whichever is faster. Terms and Conditions apply. 



 Destinations   UAB Rewards   Spend Required on UAB Platinum Card   2nd Best Bank Platinum Card   3rd Best Bank Ultimate Card 
Mumbai 27,141 5,539 6,995 14,539
London 41,945 8,560 18,877 23,722
Paris 42,115 8,594 15,790 23,722
Istanbul 24,749 5,050 7,980 19,896
New York 77,339 15,782 24,590 38,261
Singapore 38,031 7,760 9,748 16,070
 Rewards based on domestic monthly spend in UAE Dirhams.


Terms & Conditions apply.

Destinations shown above are indicative.

Customers can choose any destination based on their rewards earned.

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