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Escalator Characteristics

Date: 02 May 2020

Currency UAE Dirham
Minimum Deposit Amount AED 25,000
Minimum Lock-in Period One year with freedom to choose maturity between one, two and three years
Interest Rates and Payment Step-up rates as per below table. Semi-annual payments
Early Redemption Possible*
Credit Facility Against Deposit Possible **
Valid until 31st May 2020

(1) Redemption: Redemption of the deposit before maturity is subject to a notice of at least two (2) UAE business days in writing. No interest paid if deposit is cancelled within 1 month. No penalty if deposit is canceled on any interest payment date, after 1 year. Otherwise the applicable penalty will be one percent on the interest rate applied.

(2) Credit Facility: Possible up to 90% of the deposit amount. The credit facility is secured against lien on the underlying deposit.

Guaranteed step-up interest rates

Interest Period Interest Rates Per Annum
1st Semester 1.20%
2nd Semester 1.40%
3rd Semester 1.70%
4th Semester 1.90%
5th Semester 2.10%
6th Semester 2.30%



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