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Who is eligible for the Cash Flow Loans?
All Salaried employees working with UAB Approved Employer List companies are eligible to avail cash flow loans for paying their home rent or education fees.
How can I utilize Cash Flow loans?
Cash Flow loans can be used for payment of Rent and/or Education Fee. The amount will be paid directly to your landlord or Educational institution.
Is the cash flow loan available for Salary Transfer customers only?
- Cash Flow Loans can be availed by both salary transfer and non-salary transfer customers. - Non Salary Transfer customers can avail the loan through Direct Debit Mandate from customer’s salary account in any Bank
Is a Cash Flow loan available to new to UAE employees?
Cash Flow loans can be given to new employees; there is no minimum Length of Service required to avail this loan.
What is the minimum income required to avail the Cash Flow Loan?
Salary Transfer customers requires to have a minimum monthly salary of AED 10,000 and Non Salary Transfer customers require monthly salary of AED 20,000 to avail the loan.
What is the repayment tenor of Cash Flow Loans?
The cash Flow Loans can be availed for a minimum tenor of 6 and maximum of 12 months.
What is the rate of interest for Cash Flow loan?
UAB offers very attractive rate of interest starting from 3.99% for customers with salary transfer and 8.99% for customers without salary transfer.
What are the additional charges?
Additional charges are: - Processing fee of 0.45% (maximum of AED 2,500) and Insurance fee of 0.45% for salary transfer customers. - Processing fee of 0.75% (maximum of AED 2,500) and Insurance fee of 0.75% for non-salary transfer customers.
What is the minimum loan amount?
The Minimum loan amount is AED 20,000
What is the maximum loan amount?
The Maximum limit on the loan is 12 times of income up to AED 400,000
Can customers apply for both Rent loan and Education loan at the same time?
- Customer can apply for both Rent and Education loan within their eligibility; two separate loan accounts will be created for the same. Customer has the opportunity to take both loans at the same time or at separate intervals. - No top-up is allowed under this program.
How will the customer’s receive the loan amount?
The cash flow loan amount is paid directly to the landlord in case of House Rent loan and to the Institute in case of the Education Fee. There is no cash out to the customer in this loan. Customer needs to provide payment authorization to UAB on the Draft Tenancy Contract or the Fee Detail document by signing under the declaration “I authorize United Arab Bank to pay the above amount directly from the proceeds of my loan”
Does the customers’ salary have to be credited in UAB account for Salary Transfer loans?
The loan will be disbursed based on the Salary Transfer Letter for Salary Transfer Loans. For Non-Salary transfer loans, one salary credit in any Bank account is required along with the acceptance of Direct Debit Advice before loan disbursement.
Does the customer need to provide any additional documents for the loan?
Customers’ are required to provide additional documents: - For Rent Loan: the customer needs to provide Landlord’s ownership document copy (Title deed, Oqood, Sales-Purchase agreement-ownership proof, or Municipality issued ownership document) and Draft Tenancy Contract. - For Education Loan: the customer needs to provide Institute Enrollment Document copy (ID Card, Letter from Institute or Performa Invoice), Fee Details copy (Performa Invoice, Institute brochure copy, website printout) and the relationship proof of the student to the customer. - Additional, for all Non Salary Transfer Loans, Direct Debit Mandate is required
Can the customer use the loan to pay an education institute established outside UAE?
In case the Education Institute is located outside UAE, the customer will have a choice of payment in AED or respective country currency (currency exchange charges will be charged as per UAB rates).

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