Foreign Exchange

UAB provides a wide-range of Foreign Exchange & Treasury services to its institutional and commercial clients. Our Treasury department is well equipped & integrated with the International network & provides its customers with very competitive prices, financial services / solutions and advises on Foreign exchange & Interest Rate exposure. Our Treasury enables to customize financial products in accordance to the client's specific needs & market opportunities.

FX Spot

  • Prices quoted in more then 18 currencies (real time market basis).
  • Commercial rates determined within the scope of the daily fixing (08: am, UAE time).
  • Underlying / Corporate customer's orders settled on the basis of market rates.

FX Forwards

  • Prices quoted in all major currencies on marketable amount.

FX Swaps

  • Prices quoted in all major currencies on marketable amount.

FX Options

  • Prices quoted in all major currencies on marketable amount.

Risk Management

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

The significance of currency risk to any particular client is determined by the potential degree of exchange rate movements and the size of the exposure (FX denominated receivables & payables) for the client, which needs to hedge accordingly. UAB Treasury provides solutions to all clients for their foreign exchange exposure at competitive rates & charges through following comprehensive product packages in line with the international standards.

  • FX - Spot sale & purchase
  • FX – Forward sale & purchase
  • FX – Derivatives - Options (vanilla & exotic)

Interest Rate Risk Management

Our Corporate Treasury Sales desk in the Treasury provides solutions for interest rate exposure on client's loans & deposits in accordance to the specific requirements of the client & best opportunity available in the market.

Following products are available for interest rate risk management.-
Interest rate swap -IRS / Cap / Floor / Collar


For high net worth clients UAB Treasury offers the following high returns investment products:


For further details you can contact our Treasury team at Head Office – Sharjah.
Tel : +971 65075240
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