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What is Tawarruq?
A Sharia’h compliant financing solution that is designed to provide you with liquid assets as per your needs.

There are two main stages of Tawarruq

  • Murabaha Stage: The bank and the obligor/customer enter into a commodity Murabaha contract that is governed by the Murabaha rules of the Shariah Supervisory Board. The customer will own either physically or constructively the assets subject of the Murabaha contract.
  • Asset liquidation stage: Customers can choose either to sell/liquidate the commodity directly in the market on his own or through an agency agreement through the bank

How does it work?
Generally speaking, Tawarruq is allowed for those transactions that cannot be fulfilled through other Islamic Banking means/structures, such as:

  • Transferring obligations from a conventional debt structure to Islamic Banking structure
  • Working capital finance (Salaries, A/R settlement, adhoc cash shortages)
  • Financing intangible personal necessities:
    • Travel (for legitimate purposes)
    • Medication
    • Education
    • House / real estate maintenance cost

Bridging short term financing, followed by long term financing using
other Islamic Banking Structures (Ijarah, Murabaha, Istisna)

What does it offer?

  • Competitive profit rates that are flexible throughout the tenure
  • of finance
  • Relaxed eligibility and affordable payment structure
  • Zero down payment and extended repayment period of up to
  • 100 months

Where can I get it?
All you need to do is visit any of our conveniently located branches
or call our customer service helpline

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